She was covered in half-haze. She looked like she was in peace with the world, with no worry and no doubt. She seemed unquestioning, uninspired, and naked and drowned. On some other day you would mistake her for a statue made out of wax, but that day she looked real. Her long hairs when soaked in all that tears from the night before glistened like pearls hung on them. Her closed eyes were clogged with dreams unfulfilled. Her breath released poison and she spelled tantrums silently. How wonderful she looked that day to men of interest! Just before dawn when stars where ready to die, you saw her. She was there still, as if asking for your touch. She knew you would come and she carried on till your arrival. Her fingernails were painted dark in anticipation. Blood-red. She seemed like asking for some more of the world but you could never grant it. You could afford it but she… she was dead!


~~ Surabhi Gupta