Inflict the pain upon myself

If you don’t

I will

Slit open my throat

Burn away my treacherous tears

See for yourself

If I deserve what I get

Hold me tight

Or throw me away

Torch my feelings

Burn my day

Night is all left with me

Take it away please

I see then

A severe wreck

All around me

I become a miser

I hate to part with my wounds

I would rather give you happiness

But would collect sorrow for eternal


And impart me with

Some more pain

See yourself how much can I endure


How I harden my heart

How I shut my lips tight

And a sob fails

See what you have done

And now I blame you

But I asked for it

Isn’t it?

You had it in your own way

And it failed to give me content

I was not satisfied

I was raped

My hands have hardened

No touch a soft pillow

That changed me

Isn’t it?

~~Surabhi Gupta