How much should we open up in the case of intimacy between two persons?

We blend years of experience, happiness and sadness into layers unfathomable. Yet, when the question of intimacy arises we question its existence. We feel obliged to lay bare the years we had lived without the other, which can be sometimes a lifetime. With so much practice we learn to not excite ourselves with the remembrance of some deeds of past, yet when intimacy comes to effect, we forcefully excite it. We know we must be prepared for the dire consequences, but more often than not, we are not prepared. We feel bound to tell it, to have a detour, to see, to experience again and yet, we don’t feel the same. But how much intimacy is necessary between two persons. Often, it proves lethal for one of the two. One accepts the truth, other is left shocked. How hard can it be to accept the past?

~~Surabhi Gupta