How intimate can you be? Can you dare touch me piercing your nails right through my heart without dropping a single blood drop?

I can well see through you but alas!

I cannot see through myself. The mirror I trusted today gives me a blurred image. The replica seems a little distorted.

You try to come close. And you try really hard. But when can that be possible if I cannot know myself?

I see a new image each day and try to guess the real me. Can that be helpful?

You try to fit into my shoes, to try to fill the void left by my footprints. But how does it matter? The moment I leave a footprint a lot erodes away and a lot loose away in the abyss.

Alone in the night, I touch myself. I become an explorer who is set for a new adventure. But then I find only barren land. Would you sustain there?

If you cannot, I implore you to leave. I cannot dare to see myself again over your dead corpse.



~~ Surabhi Gupta