I was making a mosaic
Of time
And no
None of the pieces fit
Perfectly in memory
No reminiscence came
One after the other
But you and then
The mosaic was plastered
Fed with feelings
Like glue to woes
A mosaic shining
Depicting so many times
Ages hence
And ages since
Sincerely serenely
I used colors bright
Somes shades of blue
Some pink green
Red was my favourite
Blood marked it all
And so made it full
Of you and them
The mosaic
Showed the figure
Disfigured disturbed
A heart of stone
A mind which is black
Upside-down feels
I run a hand on me
And then one on mosaic
It bears my imprints
Shadowy shady
A mosaic of time
New pieces every time
New space every time
It grows like tree
It dies like me