Satisfied with her deeds, she retraced her paths to the old mansion once again. Her floral wedding dress was stained red, sweat dripping from her forehead, hands held back, to prevent shivering, and head giddy. She had accomplished her task. She was now considering herself the daughter of witch. She attempted to run faster, for she was unable to wait to tell her about it. Only if she knew what a tragedy was awaiting her!


The pebbles around the garden path appeared shriveled to her that day. The leaves were already trodden black and the ants crushed beneath some heavy paw. She noticed, it flicked her mind, and then ignored it. She carried on her quest to reach the bewitched place and draw herself some air to breathe.


She reached and tugged at the door knob. Without waiting for a response, she started calling out her name. Seeing a shadow approach the window exhilarated her, and she started to narrate her deeds. “You knew that the dagger was missing in the trunks, didn’t you?” she challenged her. And yet, she was sure. After all, she knew everything.


Suddenly, the silhouette became precise and recognizable. It was not she but the creature she killed an hour ago, or she thought she killed. It was half hanging from the window and a familiar voice was coming from within the room. In a blink, it fell from the height, and a similar dagger after it, fell too.