She passed through the same forest yet again, wearing the best floral dress available. It was her wedding that day. She felt compelled to let her know about the marriage. Approaching the trailing wines and tender bushes, she called to her. A particular note of fright echoed in the woods. The high ceiling walls and the deep set windows creaked simultaneously, arousing suspicion in her. It had been long since she last visited the place. She knocked again and looked up. The window opened, the huge oak shook and the hawk flew inside. She feared it might injure her, inside the room.


She appeared at the window, remorseful and gloomy. She was surprised, though she herself had changed into a youthful bride, the woman inside was the same as before, old and sad, with the same flickering grey eyes which frightened her the most. It seemed like she was a skeleton, only softening bones, but with moist eyes of a human. She was a trapped witch, devoid of her magic, of her power, of companion.


The bride, once happier and merrier, changed into a skeptical being. The trail of her thoughts wandered again. Suddenly, she heard a howl. Looking up, she found her looking into her eyes, the gaze slowly shifting to her dress, as if asking what brought her here today. Forgetting all the gloominess of the surrounding she announced that it’s her wedding today. She lifted her right arm showing her the shiny metallic band for the groom. The witch smiled with the curviest smile at her. The bride, satisfied, turned and went away. The woman inside the room didn’t fail to notice the missing dagger in one of trunks, nor did she miss to see the shine reflecting from the back of the floral dress under the drapes. This time, she displayed her devilish smile, bringing content to her eyes.