It was one of these days when I happened to pass by the forbidden room. I found it without the lock. The keyhole was fixed there like it was summoning me to have a look at it. I went and turned around the knob, only to find that it was locked, from inside. I pushed it a little harder, unsure whether someone was inside. It was then that I heard the growling noise coming from inside the room. The noise was loud enough to frighten the mouse near my feet which scurried along quite quick. It tried to peep through the keyhole.


I saw some shadows on the wall. It seemed to me that some large, dangerous animals were kept inside, locked, away from the population. I started imagining some of the creatures painted in the school book which suited my fascination. A giant shadow lurked and I imagined the “dragon” with its mighty tail and red wings striding towards me. I saw it coming towards me and urging me to open the door and let it out. I shut my eyes in fear. Would it not engulf me first as I am on its way first or it would take me on its back and offer me a free ride?


I was in my train of thoughts, when a shrill voice came ringing in my ears. It was unmistakably of a girl, a young girl, probably of my age. But, what was she doing inside? Was she with someone else or she was locked inside?


I was wondering when I heard my name being taken in the garden and was obliged to go back.