A key is lying on the dirt road today. I pick it up and go to the door. It is a majestic door, beautifully carved by artists in the 18th century. The door knob is round with the keyhole in exact shape of an almond. I wonder if this is the key to the forbidden door and beyond. The room was as forbidden for us as the ‘the lumber room’. We learnt it at quite young age that we not allowed inside. It was made especially for witches and the old philosophers. We peeped through the keyhole. We tried to size each other up based on the ability to see more of inside. I always managed to see most. However, what I saw appeared never anything more than an illusion. I saw only parts of shadows and gasped at the dark space. Someday I found a lurking, moving thing inside. It was much later I understood it was the shadow of a scurrying rat which was as terrified as me.
Today, too, I try to see through the peephole. But, this time I don’t see inside the room. This time I see inside myself. I let my imagination wander everywhere, to find something even darker, even more lurking, more thoughtful, more terrifying, and more creative to see in the room. I gaze at the key. I gaze some more. And then, I hurl it far away and let the room remain forbid. It is one of those places where I can only let myself in when I am not here. I can only see the things with my eyes not open, and can witch walk to it even from miles away. Because, it is the place I named years ago, “the peep-room”.